Monday, November 12, 2012

Easton’s First Halloween

I realize I’m a tad behind on blogging but I’m getting my Halloween post up before Thanksgiving, so I’m counting this as a win. ;)

Halloween kind of snuck up on us this year and we didn’t really do too much for it. Our decorations never made it out of the garage and I ended up buying candy for the Trick-or-Treaters the night before Halloween. The only part of Halloween I was excited for was dressing Easton up!

When I was a kid my mom always made our Halloween costumes. I loved flipping through the pattern books at the fabric store and picking out something unique that nobody else would have. I wanted to do the same for Easton so I scouted out ideas early. I found a pattern online for a really cute dragon costume and was totally in love. The only problem was I had never sewn clothes before and never really even used a pattern. I’ve made quilts and cloth napkins and easy things like that but the dragon was definitely beyond those projects. I decided to give it a shot anyway and it ended up being much easier than I’d anticipated. Granted, I probably ended up using my seam ripper more than my sewing machine but oh well.


Our local library had a special Halloween story time where kids could come in costume. I took Easton in his costume (which I had to take along and put on him in the parking lot since the tail wouldn’t fit in his car seat, oops!) and we had a great time. We sat next to Easton’s buddy from play group who was dressed as a monkey and the two boys spent most of the time pulling on each other’s tails.

We dressed Easton up again in the evening for pictures but we didn’t actually take him Trick-or-Treating. He helped me hand out candy for awhile instead and then went to bed early.

Altogether he probably only wore his costume for about an hour so the amount of time and effort that went into it was probably not worth it but I couldn’t help myself, I just wanted to make Easton’s first Halloween special… even if he won’t remember it!

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Mommy Mandy said...

He is adorable!! Love it!