Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Why My Home Could be Declared a Disaster Zone…

Life with my 6 month old babe has been crazy lately. Practically overnight my calm, immobile little baby has turned into to a nearly-mobile, adventurous kid. I just love how fun and playful he’s become. On the other hand, it has suddenly become almost impossible to get anything done. Easton can’t crawl yet, but he squirms and flops around until he ends up on his belly, which makes him horribly mad. If I leave him to play by himself for more than 20 seconds, his shrieks summon me back. He hates being contained now that he can move around so the jumperoo rarely makes him happy anymore.

8-3-12 (46)

On top of that, I’m fairly certain Easton is teething now. Granted, I’ve been “fairly certain” 3 times before with no results, but this time I really think I’m right. I really hope I’m right because if this fussy period isn’t the result of teeth popping in, I hate to think about how crabby he’ll be when he’s actually teething. I’ve tried about 900 different remedies but nothing has made much of a difference.

7-26-12 (17)

Still, I love this little guy. Easton is trying so hard to figure out this crawling thing and he recently figured out how to pull up to standing in his crib. He is so proud of himself when he’s up and he always gives a huge grin. As Easton figures all of this stuff out, I can’t help but have mixed feelings. I absolutely love watching him reach new milestones and I’m so proud when he figures out something new. On the other hand, every milestone brings him closer to the end of babyhood and the beginning of toddlerhood and I’m SO not ready for that yet.

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